Hampton Bay Fans & Lightings

Ceiling fans with built-in lights not only cool a room but also add much needed illumination. Home Depot is the exclusive carrier of Hampton Bay ceiling fans including those with light kits. Take note of the wattage if you plan to install several ceiling fans in the same circuit and make sure that it is enough to handle all the fans. To get the wattage, multiply the amps with the volts, e.g. a 20-amps, 1200 volts circuit has 2400 watts. The nameplate on top of the fan motor contains the operational wattage of the fan, then add that and the light bulbs’ wattages to find out the total operating wattage of a ceiling fan with lights.

For assembly, you will need orange wire connectors, two-prong electrical tester, and a Phillips or slotted screwdriver.

  1. Ensure that the breaker providing electricity to the ceiling fans has been switched off.

  2. Using the two-prong electrical tester, make sure that the power is disconnected by testing all installation locations. Connect one prong to the black wire inside the fan’s electrical box and the other to any metal on the box. If it doesn’t light up, the power is absent.

  3. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to assemble the Hampton Bay ceiling fan. Attach the supplied mounting brackets to the ceiling fan’s electrical boxes using the provided screws. Check that the electrical box has the white, black, and bare copper wires.

  4. Using the hanging brackets to support the fan while connecting the wires, hang each assembled ceiling fan. Connect the white wires from the ceiling fan and the ceiling fan electrical box by twisting an orange wire connector to them. Use another orange wire connector to connect the bare copper wire and the green wire found on the hanging bracket.

  5. Connect the black ceiling fan motor wire and the blue ceiling fan lighting wire with the ceiling fan electrical box’s black wire by twisting with a red connector wire.

  6. Hide all the wires by pushing them back into the electrical box behind the hanging bracket. The canopy should be pushed over the hanging bracket and electrical box attached using the 4 screws included in the ceiling fan mounting hardware.

  7. Switch on the breaker in the main service panel so that electricity will flow to the ceiling fans.